Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Party Patch!!! Lol

Okay, so i couldn't live much longer without color! I tried and tried and tried but ultimately, color was too tempting and i gave in. I had a client who wanted highlights and upon doing her hair, the color itch really kicked in bad! After she left, i sectioned my hair where i wanted to put my color and mixed up my own batch of lightener.
 I intended to go Turquoise, but didn't have the time to get it to the color i wanted it to be because i was getting ready to go out. When lifting hair with lightener (bleach) to a lighter color, a lot of toning/color balancing can be in order, especially in my case because i have dark, henna treated hair. When i rinsed the lightener out, i had lifted my hair to about a level 7 and it was bright orange!!! I used Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise to tone it because thats the color i want it to be, even though i knew it would come out green (turquoise is opposite orange on the color wheel so they cancel each other out and thats where the green comes from, kinda close to mixing yellow and blue). I blew my hair out to wear it out for the night but when i wash my hair again and some more of the green rinses out, i will go over it and make it turquoise! I like the green, as i did put green in my hair last year.... Actually one of the reasons i refer to this as my party patch is because i plan to just have fun with it and change the colors up whenever i feel like it. I parted the section i wanted my color in kind of like an S-shaped pattern and tried to make sure i only colored my stronger, medium textured "3c-ish" (i guess) hair and not color my more fragile, curlier, fine "4a-ish" strands. I experienced a tiny bit of curl loosening, i think mostly cuz that texture is a little loose already, but nothing to cry about. That's the reason why i didnt want a full head of color, just a  patch. My hair including the patch still feels great  though =D
To take care of it im just going to make sure to DC all the time and i will separate out the rest of my hair to be henna'd and probably just put a clear gloss on my party patch, lol..
My hair is about to be back at a good length too because styling is getting back to that good point in TWA world! yay!


  1. Very cute! It definitely accentuates your styles.

  2. Thanks LaNeshe! I feel like you desecribed it perfectly! I needed a little something to accentuate my style :)


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