Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meanwhile in Natural-ville....

Good morning, hair enthusiasts!

So, I'm about to leave for my color appointment but I just wanted to give an update on hair. I did pretty good with protective styling all week because of the buns. The problem of course is that I didn't manage to do anything interesting like the buns I was practicing with =/ I just kept it in a low bun, either using a donut or simply wrapping my hair around itself and using bobbypins to secure.

I had a semi-busy/stressful week so I didn't get a chance to wash my hair until Friday night, when I had actually planned to do so Wednesday. SP recommended that I also not use heavy products so soon before my appointment, but I generally don't so I wasn't worried. I opted to do a another bantu-knot out but since I work Saturday mornings and my hair takes forever to dry in bantu knots, it was still too damp and I knew it wouldn't hold so I put my hair in two messy banded ponytails and left some curly bangs. I wish I would've taken pictures! But I went out last night to dinner with some friends and I know they took some pics so I will post as soon as they make the rounds on facebook. I also wanted to say about the bantu-knot outs that I love the way my hair looks right now because of them. I dig the "messy" looks so I separated the curls some more for this fluffy look I've got going on at the moment:
Bantu-Knot set: Washed with Curls Shampoo, Conditioned with Renpure Organics My Hair Is Parched, Set with Aloe Vera Gel and sealed with Jojoba Oil.
Fluffed out knot out, 2nd day hair

Man, I'm gonna miss my dark hair. I already have a lot of anxiety about this because I've never been to a salon before and b) I'm wondering if it'll come out the way I want due to the henna. Wish me luck!!

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