Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bantu Knot Out

Thursday night I decided to wash my hair and do a bantu knot out. I used to be really good at doing them last winter, then I gave them a break and tried again and for some reason they didn't turn out the way I liked =/ Here are some pics I took last winter. I think at the time I was using Devacare One Conditioner as a leave in/styler (and yes my hair was hi-lighted)

And then present attempts. I used Hello Hydration and EVO to seal

I think some of them came out nice but the back was a little undefined and frizzed up. Tonight, I am going to co-wash and try this again but two strand twisting and knoting to see which one I like better.

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  1. Hi Sheri.

    I think the bhantu knot-out is beautiful. Can't wait to try it when my hair grows out... which will be a longggg time from now. lol. Hey. I have a new post about using Vaseline on natural hair. I'd love for you to read it an comment. Should be interesting to hear you view.


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