Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick, Cute, and Easy little TWA style

So these photos are obviously old, considering i just chopped again, but i was going through some old photos and thought this would be a cute and easy little TWA style that anyone can do!
  • First i co-washed with my HEHH while finger detangling and smoothing in the shower to help my curls clump.
  • Next I rinsed, shook out any excess water, and proceeded to add a little Organix Coconut Milk conditioner as a leave-in.
  • I then smoothed KCCC all over my hair, defining my curls and adding great shine and hold.
  • I took my medium toothed comb, parted my hair, and started to stretch the curls in the front to the side i wanted them to go to, following that up by a soft Boars head bristle brush to smooth it down completely. 
  • I pinned the sides behind my ears, and tied a scarf only around the front to keep it flat and frizz free for about 15-30 mins while i continued to get ready.
  • I then unwrapped the scarf and Voila!

And guess what... i even landed a job with this hair! lol

Hope this was quick and easy enough =D
Enjoy your TWA!

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