Monday, November 15, 2010

The best TWA twist out i ever had!

So obviously i can't control myself and keep in a hairstyle for too long... well i was tempted okay! (what was i thinking when i said locking? lol) Yesterday i went to the health food store to pick up some Aloe Gel and essential oils when i came across a product line i had seen and heard much buzz about, Beautiful Curls. I am such a product junkie so you know i had to get something!!! Lol
I tested it out on one of my little twists in the store and i loved the way it felt in my hair, not to mention how beautiful it made my little curls look.  I sat up last night while on the my computer, untwisting my twists with this cream, doing a little finger twirling, not even looking at what i was doing. When i got up and looked in the mirror, i couldn't believe how beautiful the twist out looked. I sprayed my scalp and hair with my Aloe grow, put on my bonnet and went to sleep. When i woke up this morning and took off my bonnet... WOW! My twist out is so soft and looks so silky and shiny and is by far my best twist out to date... it also looks like a i got a little bit of growth... tomorrow will be one month since i chopped again, so that's prettty cool.
A little TWA hairporn? 
Short hair don't care! Lol

I didn't manipulate my hair in any way other than untwisting and fingertwirling. I left the parts in the roots because i'm going to continue to wear my bonnet for the week under my beanie unless i have somewhere to go. Since i had planned on wearing my twists for no manipulation, i will just wear this twist out until Sunday when i plan to wash, DCT, and CFC is going to do a Henna treatmeant on my hair. It'll be my first  Henna treatment so i'm so excited!
***Update: I loved the twist out but do not recommend the product so save your $$$ and just stick to the method =)

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