Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tiny 2 strand twists

I put these 2 strand twists in on Thursday night because i felt like it was time for a protective style for my new lil' TWA. Here is a picture of them today after i twirled them around my finger with some vitamin e oil for shine and moisture.

I would definitely say my hair is happy being in these little twists, and my head is happy that im not still trying to co-wash daily cuz its freezing here! I am going to try and keep these in for another week,  and just moisturize them with shea butter and vitamin E oil, and add a little castor oil to my poor thin egdes :(
I have been wearing these under my satin bonnet and Beanie since it's cold and i think i may just continue to 2 strand twist or maybe even lock (probably not) my hair for the winter because i want to retain as much length as possible. I also dont plan on needing to trim again until the summer, so wearing 2 strand twists under a satin bonnet and hat for the winter should help to keep away any splits and single strand knots. Hopefully i will see some nice growth when i take these out too...

I may try a twist out with these on Friday or Saturday or something... stay tuned And dont forget about the GIVEAWAY!!!

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