Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Relaxers Vs. Naturals III

The pro's and con's of being relaxed.
The pro's and con's of being natural.

I figured i could be a credible source to speak on this topic considering i have been both relaxed and natural several times in my life. Also, through being a hairstylist, i have learned a lot about hair and chemicals scientifically and also the way people feel about different hair types and textures. I feel like i understand both the natural and relaxed worlds for what they are and i am not biased to either side (okay... maybe a little)
That being the lists!
Pro's of being Relaxed:
  • Wearing straight hairstyles ~ We all know we can blowout and straighten our long curly hair easily, but what about those girls who wish they could stay natural and sport a Halle Berry cut? No? Is that only me? lol 
  • Ease of styling. ~ For some... Depending on a person's texture, or just their preferences, they may find styling relaxed hair easier.
  • Can cut down on styling time.
  • Doesn't alarm "The MAN" or his brainwashed counterparts.
Cons of being Relaxed:
  • Putting a chemical on your head every other month or so.... for years.
  • Compromising the integrity of the hair ~ Weakening the hair with chemicals, causing damage and making it susceptible to further damage.
  • Over-processed hair ~ Over processed hair can lead to a great deal of ailments, such as brittle, dry, thin, lifeless, breaking hair.
  • Chemical burns ~ Some people suffer severely from chemicals burns, causing a peeling, raw and painful sore on the scalp. It can cause scalp dryness and may even burn the hair follicles in some areas, potentially resulting in a bald spot.
  • Even those women who's hair seem to tolerate relaxer very well will experience thinning over years of relaxing.
Pro's of being Natural: 
  • Not putting a chemical on your head to straighten your hair permanently and comply with the unrealistic beauty standards of today's society.
  • Versatility ~ Having the versatility of wearing so many different styles. From braids, to twist- outs, to Afro puffs, to wash and go's, we can wear our hair in so many different styles in it's natural state, and if we want to wear our hair straight, we can just flatiron, roller set, blow dry, silk wrap or find other methods to stretch our hair.
  • Don't have to worry about your hair getting wet in the rain, or on a vacation, or sweating your hair out in the club (if you go with a natural style) or at the gym or during any other extra curricular activities.
  • Hair doesn't look thin and stringy when wet
  • Fuller, thicker, stronger, longer growing hair if properly cared for.
  • Hair looks fuller, healthier, and has a beautiful texture when worn straight, and can always just be washed to revert back to curly.
Con's of being Natural:
  • Tangled hair, single and double strand knots.
  • Shrinkage  and Frizz~ I think the same goes for both of these issues, some people don't mind the shrinkage and frizz associated with natural hair, while  a lot of women do. 
  • Can be time consuming (But i would always take the time for myself =)
  • Some women may have multiple textures and may need to learn how to properly style their hair to achieve their desired look. 
Now these are just my general observations from way too many hours of blogging and forums, along with some facts, that i have broken down into Pro's and Con's. I'm sure there are  some missing and i would be very interested in seeing what everyone thinks are the best and worst  :)

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