Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Color Decision

Natural hair enthusiasts, I have a confession. I am one who has never been to a salon, and yet for the first time in my (whole) natural life, I made an appointment for this Sunday to get my hair colored. It's not so much the coloring services I'm worried about. I love color and have had it before, and each time either my mother or SP put it in. But seeing as how I can count the number of people who have ever done my hair on one hand, I'm nervous about anyone touching and managing my hair. I'm sure we can all relate to that.

I went for a consultation last week and my hair was in twists. The colorist had curly hair too and she felt on it and asked me if I had ever gotten color before. I told her that I had hi-lights about a year-and-half ago and use henna and she said okay. She studied my face and my hair and then asked me what colors I was interested in. At first I told her I wanted a full head of light brown hair, like a chocolate color, but after discussing it with her a little more I decided on hi lights. She gave me her card and said to make an appointment with her anytime. I decided that I would because she made me feel as comfortable as I was gonna get with anyone. And then I promptly called SP to tell her and we decided to make a whole hair day out of it. Meaning, she's going to accompany me to the salon and then style my hair after (and I get to apply henna to her new twa!)

For anyone whose interested, I decided to go to an Aveda Lifestyle Salon Natural Looks in Elmhurst, Queens (my newly adopted boro!) inside the mall. I know of Aveda because SP trained there and they use a lot of natural ingredients. I have even used some of their products. I opted out of box dyes because I want to try this and I like Aveda, as pricey as they are. I'm hoping it's worth it.

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