Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Second Time Around...

I'm really loving this haircut!
When i first chopped off all of my relaxed ends back in March, i wasn't in love with the little TWA I had. I had cut my hair very low before and was no stranger to short haircuts so i wasn't going to be the girl crying or running out for a new wig, but i was definitely ready to get pass the little TWA stage. QUICK.

This time around i am really loving it! My hair is soooooo much thicker than when i chopped it in May and I see major improvement in my edges. I suffered from Traction Alopecia around my front hairline (hair loss caused from tension, pulling, and stress on the hair; most often seen in women who wear constant tight weaves and braids), and although my edges are still thin, i see the progress and have faith that they will grow in more as I continue to take care of it.     

And i must say.... as a color Junkie, someone who always had their hair dyed from 2000 until now, that i'm actually liking having my natural color! It's actually a little darker than what i think  it's going to look like as it grows out, because i had rinsed my hair dark for the Curly weave install I did about a month ago.

 This time around, i almost wanna keep my hair short... lol


  1. Congrats on doing another BC it looks really good on you, reminds me a little bit of Youtuber "Africanexport" with the facial features.

  2. Thank you! I'm loving it so far... and i love African export! She's super cool and keeps it real! i can see what you mean, lol Thanks again!

  3. I just big chopped again too. I think this is my third time though and I went the lowest I ever have!

  4. Thanks @ Kea!

    @ Diedre Really?! wow! Im sure its beautiful! Its amazing how much you see yourself and your haircut differently with each time you decide to cut it low :)


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