Saturday, November 13, 2010

When does your TWA graduate to just an A?

Since deciding to go through the process of chopping and re-growing again, i now have some more experience and some different ways to approach growing out my hair this time around.
I've sort of been reminscing about the hair that i could have had this year, if i had only left my hair alone and not colored it, as i just passed my one year anniversary since i had my last relaxer a week ago.
Looking back at photos of my hair over the months led me to a question, when is a TWA no longer a

I'd say when my hair was between 3.5 - 4 inches it started to feel a whole lot less like a TWA and more like an A. I started to realize that i had to style my hair, where as with my TWA i could wash & go and really just wash, and go! My curls started to hang as opposed to always sticking up and i could start to feel movement in my curls and in my hair. I noticed that it was starting to take more product to do my hair and i would sometimes miss spots, not realizing how much hair i had and how long it had really gotten. I started to see how much work it was going to be going through the in between stage of TWA to a length that is at least ponytail-able (meaning = easier), something around NL or SL.
I mean... When does your TWA graduate to just an A?

I do have a little confession to make.... so honestly... my plan was to grow my hair out some more and cut off the colored ends after new years, but i was also getting lazy with how much work longer hair was starting to become... so i chopped early. I am glad i did because i love my haircut this time and I'm glad i  got a second chance to learn to appreciate it, as i don't plan to wear short hair again for a very long time, if not ever again, lol. I'm dreading the in between stage again and can't wait until i can make it into at least a banana clip but i am prepared and ready to start this journey over... no turning back this time.


  1. Going through the stage right now :(
    it sucks..bc you're I actually have to do my hair.. & it is more then just little patches lol it's THICK & a lott of if i just do two little twists with a bow in the front it never cuts it lol.

    Im not gona cut my hair though. this stage is making me miss the tiny twa though.

  2. SOrry for the super late response but yes i know what you mean... you long for the long hair and when it starts growing like wildfire you miss the TWA
    It can be a lot of hard work but stick to it because your hair will be beautiful! ;)


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