Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tried a New Product: Jane Carter Wrap and Roll

At the beginning of the summer, I bought Jane Carter Solutions Wrap and Roll Setting Lotion. I was hesitant because the last product I tried from this line was a conditioner that I couldn't stand. But I'm making it a mission to practice rollersets and wanted to try this. (You may recall when I used it to do my curlformer set) I still have yet to make up my mind about it because the very first time I used it, I didn't like it. But then when I did the curlformer set, it seemed okay. And then I've been doing rollersets for the past couple of weeks and I've gotten mixed results, which I think is a combination of my skills at rollersetting (I'm only now getting better) and maybe how much of it I'm using. My last rollerset I did, my hair felt coated. But the week before it felt fine but not much hold. *Le sigh* Has anyone out the tried it? The jury is still out for moi....

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