Friday, August 20, 2010

50th Post Friday!!!! Woo-Hoo!!! Celebrating all things that start with the ffffffffff sound, lol

So if you didn't know, IT'S OUR 50TH POST!!!!! YAY!!! lol
I'm super excited because ever since we started this blog i have really been loving it
I'm so proud to make it 50 posts!!!

I've also known Curly Film Chick (Had to go back and delete the nickname i usually call her) now for 7 years now so shout outs to that! She is and always has been one of my main natural hair inspirations, especially in the fact that she has never been relaxed. Back when i met her in High School in the 10th grade, she inspired my to go natural and i stayed natural until a year after graduating HS.
Now im back at it again and having her and this blog has really helped me in staying committed to the health of my hair, growing it out, and just having someone to teach me new things and push me through the bumpy parts of twa life, lol...

Lemme give a shout out to my momma, God,  and All of our 15 followers! lmfao

Okay, enough mushy stuff!!!

On to things that start with the fffffff sound!

Happy 50th Post-day to YAIS!!!! (Your Africa is Showing)

Hahaha!!! This is obviously more embarrassing for me (double embarrassment considering the way i look in the video in that last post, lol). I had to take pictures of the pictures i had because my Mac all of sudden never met my printer/scanner before in it's life, so please excuse the quality.
This was back in 10th grade when i first met CFC and decided to go natural.... bad timing with those braces, lol. 
Her eyebrows look perf by tha way.

Funny Fro =D Back in 8th Grade                               
   Fugly Face Fro
Don't mind the Fugly face
This was back in 10th grade again, with hair a little longer and dyed.
What was my problem and where were my eyebrows? lol

Fat Baby Face Froey curly baby hurrzz hair thingy... lol
I know this looks nothing like me now, but its me. 
Weird that each picture looks like a different baby though, lol.
Well, there's the hair I started out with, virgin and untouched.

And last but not least, Today's fro!
I took my braids out today as they were loosening up a lot and i needed to wash my hair. I am so proud of her majesty and myself for the way i have been taking care of her. When i took my braids out my hair was moisturized and healthy. She also grew!!! These pictures were directly after taking my braids out and piking out my hair. I had not washed or anything yet and you can see how beautiful, lustrous, and healthy she is = D
I also came up with a name for Curly Film Chick's hair!!! What do you think of

"Lustra. Lustra Silk." lol
I came up with this name because her hair is so curly, lustrous, shiny and silky, it needs a name that really helps you visualize how sexy her curls are. What you think Nemo? ; P

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