Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hair Lately

So I've realized that there hasn't been any hair pics from me in a while. The truth is I've been so busy that hair has been the last thing on my mind. Ever since I got back from the mountains I've barely had time for myself and for that week after I washed, I really just kept it in ponytails or buns....

And then I managed to find time to do my usual flat-twists in the front and then leaving out the back. But because it was hot and I didn't want hair on my neck, I had it bunned up to. And then I got a call about a job interview and it was scheduled the next day. I didn't know what to do with my hair because I wanted to look cute and professional. And hence came this....

(I took a better pic of the back when I got home)

So, I did this on stretched hair and using bobbypins. I basically just twisted my hair back and up if that makes sense. I may do a video tutorial if anyone is interested. I thought it looked very professional! And the good news is I got the job so I'm happy.

Also, I wanted to point out that SP and I know the stress of looking presentable and professional at outings and important occassions. This is yet another example of how you don't have to straighten your hair to look well put-together, especially for something as important as an interview. Anyway this hairstyle is very versitale and I find it a great way to protect those ends (my own personal challenge.) I will post another way I styled my hair using this style as well.

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  1. That updo is gorgeous! I can't wait to do some styles like that to my hair when it grows out!!! :)


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