Monday, August 9, 2010

Where's SP? @ Dorney park! lol

Sorry i have been gone for soooo long! I guess i kinda took an unexpected hiatus... even Curly Film Chick was looking for me, lol  Let me catch you up on where i've been :)

Last weekend while out with my friends at Dorney Park, I realized something very important. Our natural hair really does look good on us! Our hair really frames and accentuates our  bold features that make us beautiful black women.

So while @ Dorney Park, my 4 girlfriends and I decided to get on a few water rides before heading over to the big rides and I couldn't help but realize how beautiful we were all looking.

There i go, with my little puff! Lol 
My friend Z is transitioning from tex-laxed to natural, SB is tex-laxed, D is fully relaxed but wore the natural look with a natural phony pony, and Kia is transitioning from bone straight relaxed to tex-laxed. (From left to right)

My friend Kia has never worn a natural hairstyle as long as I've known her but seeing her face with her hair being big and puffy after coming out of the water, I loved the way she looked. The big hair complemented her face so well. 

My friend SB i've known since 3rd grade so we go back to the naturaL "beedy beeze" in the back school days,lol.
She has been relaxing her hair about 2 to 3 times a year since the 6th grade. She has always tex-laxed moreso than perming because her hair is really soft, but has always worn her hair straight. This year she started to wear her hair in more curly styles and let the texlaxed texture show and it is looking gorgeous.

Z also has the most beautiful silky 3B curls which is why i am sort of forcing her to transition back to natural. I can't wait to chop those permed ends off!

Look @ how beautiful everyone's faces stand out with the look of natural hair <3

Goodnight from PA!

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