Monday, August 9, 2010

African Hair Braiding

MY hair  hasn't been touched by anyone other than myself in 4 years.
Seeing as how i don't trust anybody in my hair, after i lost touch with my hairstylist, i taught myself to cut my own hair.
Also, after suffering trauma to my edges, i hadn't returned to an african hair braiding salon since i was maybe 16, so this was a major thing for me.

1st things first: Those damned "BRAID YOUR HAIR MISS?!" African hustling hair braiding women on 125th street are so annoying!!! I feel some what offended every time they ask me to braid my hair just  because i'm wearing my afro. I'm wearing my afro because i want to, not because i need my hair done.
Why can't a fro just walk down the street in peace?! Anyhoooo...... 
(sorry for the mini rant. If you live in NYC and have gone to Harlem on 125th street, you know what i mean.)

I returned to the same  hair braiding salon i went to in high school and was very happy to find the same woman who used to do my hair because she isn't rough and doesn't rip through your hair like a lot of the other women do. She takes her time with your hair, and  if you tell her it's too tight, she will loosen it up for you. Another thing i would say about her is  that she is very sweet and soft spoken and you wont have to worry about her  talking loudly in your ear the whole time you're getting your hair braided. 
If anyone in NYC is looking for a great hair braider  i will gladly refer you to her =)

I was feeling very 90's and in the mood for something different so i decided to get big box braids.
Everyone was staring at me in the salon and i was wondering if it was looking too outdated = /
I didn't care anyway, i loved the way the braids were looking, and i grew more and more excited as she was finishing the last few braids! Surprisingly, everyone was staring because they loved them. No one really gets braids this size anymore, as everyone is into micros and medium sized braids but i'm loving these and as long as all goes well, they may become a regular "protective style" for me!

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