Thursday, August 26, 2010

Before my braids....

I'm sorry i have been so busy and not posting as much but here are some of the things you've all been missing!
So before i had my braids done, i got bored while waiting for my cousin to come meet up with me. I had bought some small rollers the day before so i decided to use my spare time to go ahead and try them out. First i shower shingled my hair to stretch and thoroughly detangled it, then rinsed and proceeded to section and add my CHI Silk Infusuion, and Motion Foaming Wrap Lotion to each section. I used a clip to tightly wrap up and secure each section ( i would say about 8 sections since my hair is short and tightly curled in some areas).
I sat under my Conair portable hooded dryer and was dry within 30 minutes and ready to snatch these rollers out and see what my hair was looking like! (excuse the face, it was just hot under there! lol)

Al Sharpton Curls! 

 As you can see for the most part it got pretty smooth for the most part. The ends in the most resistant areas were still kinda curly, and in the wavy areas everything was completely straight.
I picked it out because i didn't really have time to style it. I had done a soft fro-hawk after but unforuntaley i didn't take not one picture that night.
I will definitely try roller setting again some time soon.

Unfortunately i didn't get too many pictures of the outcome because my camera had died and i had to do my little cousins hair, as she had arrived by that time but here's what i did get:

Not bad.
I shall definitely be revisiting the rollerset some time soon :)

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