Friday, July 15, 2011

Time To Stretch The Hair Out

My wash and gos have been great but I've been taking a backseat with them. I've noticed an increase in single strand knots. So this past week after washing and conditioning, I put my hair in some medium sized twists. I had been moisturizing with a new favorite, Vatika Oil. And I had been snipping off the single strand knots/splits.

Yesterday I decided to actually rock a twist-out! I never like the way twist-outs look on me and it's usually a hit and miss. SP had recommended that I should leave the twist in for a few days in order to get a nice set. I had them in for about four days and here are my results:

I actually liked it! And I'm wearing my hair like this today as well. I plan on washing my hair between tonight and tomorrow and will definitely being wearing another style where my hair is stretched out. I was thinking about doing a good old fashion roller set (that I've failed many times before).

What are your weekend hair plans?

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