Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thoughts About My Straightened Natural Hair

So my hair is straight again and it has been for a week. This is probably going to be the last time until the end of the summer months. Although it isn't bone straight this time,  my hair is about 2 inches from my bra-strap (or BSL) and I'm excited.
The thought of having really long braids draping my shoulders is an exciting reality.

I've been moisturizing with coconut oil, it keeps my hair so shiny. Also, my hair is a little curled at the ends because I pin-curl every night instead of wrapping--I suck REALLY BAD at that, I can't do it with all the hair I have.
err...I was attempting to wrap my hair #fail

Also something else I was thinking about: I've been wondering if I subconsciously prefer my hair straight or like it better when it's naturally curly. I really like my hair when it's straight, it makes pony tails easier, less discomfort while sleeping and sometimes I'm like, man I want to keep my hair like this. And then I wash it and look at my little curls again and am happy to have them back. I like the switch up but my "natural" texture is more me. In the long run it's less of a worry (hiding from rain, worried about hair looking bad etc). I probably over think things, but still--just checking. 

What about you guys? Am I the only one who makes this comparison??

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