Monday, March 28, 2011

How did Philly go?

Like this! 
Remember I was wondering how banding my hair would go over for the trip? Not too bad apparrently! Since it was only a short, 2-day trip, banding wasn't a problem because i kept my hair moisturized with jojoba oil and just separated into 4 sections (no parting or combs involved) and made little afro puffs to sleep. I didnt even go through the whole process of banding really... moreso mini puffs, kinda like mini pineappling i guess... lol The curl pattern i had showing moreso at the ends of my hair seemed to hold up but  i did notice that my hair was starting to get a little tangly. So would i do this again? Oh yeah! Just definitely not for any time longer than 2 days because i wouldnt want to have any issues with tangles or dryness. I put my hair up in a puff to go home..... Bye Philly! You were so cute and i can't wait to visit again!
I know it's been 2 weeks since then and you guys have probably been wondering where in the world has SPstyles been?! Im ready to catch you all up :)

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