Monday, March 14, 2011

Wet bunning to Stretch + Style

 I guess I could say it's kind of a good thing when i'm feeling down about my hair, because it always gets me to think of new alternatives to what i can do... mixed with a little bit of laziness, lol. Yesterday while trying to figure out what to do with my hair, i knew didn't want to do anything time consuming or damaging and i wanted to wear my hair stretched... That's when it popped into my head: Wet Bunning! Now of course i've never tried Wet Bunning or there would surely be a post on here about it, and i would have been doing it sooner!!! Not that it never crossed my mind, it was just something that i was looking forward to, not something I saw as a possibilty for right now.
I co-washed with HEHH and Aussie Moist and fully detangled my hair with my Tangle Teezer (Which of course i love). I shook the excess water out of my hair and left it extremely damp to make it easy to stretch for ponytails. I parted my hair in 4 sections, added Shea Moisture's Curl and Hold Smoothie to each section, and began ponytailing, folding the ponytail under to bun each one.

About 3-4 hours later I had gotten a headache so i took the little buns out to breathe for about an hour, before putting them back in, except banding to sleep. When i took them out last night they were still damp, but they dried by this morning. I used some Vatika coconut oil to take the pony's out and loved how my curl pattern was still there, just a little stretched out... I separated some curls and tried to cover the parts by using my pik to lift at the roots. The outcome kind of looks like a few day old twist out, fro-ey with curls on the ends! I think this is def going to be a new thing for me for the times that i'm feeling lazy about doing anything to my hair. I dont want to do it too often because my edges are still very thin and im still working on thickening them out, so i wouldnt want my progress to backfire because im wearing tight little pony's just to stretch my hair out. I styled my hair using my little "Pin-down" method and i think it looks super cute!
Outcome under the jump! =o)

I plan to band again at night to keep my hair stretched so i hope it still looks great tomrrow... I'm planning to go to Philly for 2 days so im debating on whether or not i should just stop my b!%#&ing and twist my hair for a twist out... mini vaca's probably aren't a good time for hair trials, lol.


  1. What are you doing in Philly?

  2. I'm really loving your splashes of color

  3. @ LaNeshe- Going with a friend to visit another friend of ours who lives and is studying out there :) Can't wait for the little change of scenery!
    @ CFC - Thanks! Helps to keep the boredom @ bay


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