Saturday, March 12, 2011

TWA Afro + Banding

In the last 2 weeks i had worn my hair blown out... i actually blew my hair out 2 times in 2 weeks (terrible! i know.) because i had to wash my hair because it got wet, but i've been so busy i didn't have any time to do anything but blow it out! (Click the link for a video of how i blowdry my hair)
In between washing I did add a little bit more color to my hair so you will see that too. To moisturize I had been adding my Vatika Coconut oil whenever i felt the need, and if it felt especially dry i would add some Shea butter as well. 
I hadn't tried banding but had seen it done by many, inculding my Co-Blogging pal Curly Film Chick, so with my schedule being so hectic and me being exhausted, it seemed like now was a great time to try banding. I didn't want to cause to much tension to my edges by pulling them into taught pony's so i parted about an inch and a half  from the hairline and did 2 flat twists going to the sides. I then parted the rest of my head into fours, added ouchless elastic bands to pony and then banded all the way down. 
I have to say, i love banding, i just cant wait until my hair gets longer so it will be easier and looser. For now, i love the fact that it's a much faster alternative to keeping my hair stretched, rather than flat twisting it down every night like i usually do. When im coming home late and crashing, i can actually manage to get this done before i pass out! lol

Have you tried banding your TWA yet?

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