Friday, March 25, 2011

Research: Swimming With Natural Colored Treated Hair

Ok, so I didn't get a chance to swim in the pool yesterday but I'm glad because I realized I need to do more research. I have curly, highly textured color treated natural hair and and I know chlorine is not the best thing. (FYI: As a kid I didn't really play in pools because I hated the way they smelled so I was more of an ocean/lake person) Anyway here's what I found so far from The Natural Haven, Newly Natural:

1. I have to wear a swim cap and braids/twists are the best ways to fit my hair under it. And that swim caps will not keep all the water out. However, wetting your hair with regular water for 15 minutes prior to jumping into the pool will minimize the amount of chlorine water your hair absorbs.

2. Add Coconut oil before I rinse and/or conditioner after I rinse my hair. I haven't decided which I am going to do yet but I'm leaning towards the using coconut oil because my hair won't absorb much water which equals less shrinkage.

3. Rinse my hair for about 5 minutes before preceding to use a shampoo or some other cleansing method. Now here's my dilemma with color: I don't want to use just any old shampoo because I don't want my hair stripped. I read that tomato juice may be my best bet. If I do this I will follow up with my Jessicurl Cleansing Cream and then use a conditioner.

This seems like a lot of work too. I feel like my hair style choices will be pretty limited because I'll have to twist/braid/bun my hair up to fit under a cab and to withstand washing. I plan to be in the pool one or two days a week. I have an idea on what I'll probably do about that, but I'll reveal when the time comes. For now I'm doing my research!

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