Monday, March 14, 2011

I Haz An Upset About My Hair

So yesterday's hair day went pretty well. I used bentonite clay and deep conditioned my hair longer then I meant to because I was chilling around the house with my sister, but my hair felt so much better and clean!

Defined curls, curtesy of Bentonite clay!

Recall that I said I would be rollersetting my hair with magnetic rollers. Well, I pulled out my bin or rollers and noted a couple of things. A) rollersetting was going to take me years to do and B) I most certainly did not have enough rollers for my hair. I remember that's why I stopped doing them for a while, and I said I'd do them again if I bought more rollers--which I have not. I've been stuck on curl formers. And since I wanted a relatively relaxing day (which it was) I opted to use them instead. But, I did something a little different--a "ponytail curl-former" set if you will because I still wanted the curly bob look.

Pony-tailed sections of hair
Curlformers out

If you notice, it kind of pulled my hair a little higher. And upon light separation and fluffing of the curls, I really liked this look!! So why am I upset? Because it didn't last! I can never sleep with a set because the next morning my curls are smashed up and my hair is knotted. I was so pissed this morning because I thought tying a scarf very loosely around my head would work, NOT. And in general, while my curlformer sets look good to me I know they won't last because of lack of hold! I have yet to find a product that can provide a strong hold for my hair. I'm about to become a product junkie because of my mission to find great hold for roller sets.

So far my sister has recommended I try eco-Styler gel. She's been using it on her braid outs and I have to admit her hair feels really soft and it looks very defined. I'm definitely soliciting suggestions for products and a way to sleep on roller sets, ugh!

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