Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exercise and Healthy Hair

I remember when I used to be really active, playing sports and doing yoga and tae-bo (don't judge!) with my grandmother. It turns out that being active is great for maintaining healthy hair as well as a healthy body over all. I started thinking recently that even though I am in my 20s, I don't want to be sluggish by the time I'm in my 30s. So taking better care of my body starts now!

I've been working out lately, and am working through a trial membership at my local YMCA. It's easier for me because I've been using weather as an excuse to be lazy and not play basketball for exercise like I used to and the YMCA is literally on my way home. I plan to become a member when the time is up and take some classes, particularly swimming lessons because I don't know how to swim very well (#forshame). Of course when planning my new "active" routine I am now contemplating "active" hair. Protective styling seems to be the only way all my hair will fit under a swim cap, but I'm looking into styles that won't "sweat out" or get too frizzy and big. Mr. Smooth suggested buns as my saving grace but he joked that my hair might be to massive for that as well.

I'll give more details about my new active routine as I develop it. I'm going to the Y after work tonight to work out and my hair is in braids at the moment so I'm not worried about messy hair.

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