Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Question: Styles You Still Haven't Mastered

I have a confession to make guys. After all these years of being natural, spending the past 3 on healthy hair care practices and great styling, there's one thing I fail at.

Twist outs.

If you check out our twist out tags, you'll notice a sea of beautiful posts from SP and this one little post from 2011 from me, which wasn't even all that. I SUCK at them and no matter how many techniques I've tried, I just can't. One of my hair goals of 2013 is to do a really great twist-out, although I'm kind of holding my breath for it. Meh.

So tell me, which natural hair style/technique have you yet to master?

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  1. Twist outs & braid outs, I have not mastered them. I pretty much gave up trying. I do have success w/bantu twist outs though. My hair looks fuller and stays moisturized for days. I just stick to what works.


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