Saturday, October 6, 2012

Your TWA, Your Ends, and Styling

People would look at me like I was crazy whenever I told them I needed to trim. They looked at me like it was bogus to trim my hair because I'm trying to grow my hair out... doesn't mean I shouldn't still keep my ends as healthy as possible. 

One thing I definitely have learned while in these 2 years having a TWA, especially one that is styled and worn out regularly, is that keeping your ends fresh and healthy makes a big difference when you're styling.

On longer hair, we are able to see more of the hair strand's length, with the ends being at the bottom of the hair. On our short TWA's, the hair is sticking out from our heads so the first thing we see are the ends. 

Over time, if my ends would look dry and frazzled I would try re-wetting the ends only or twirling them around my finger with a little curling cream to try and make them look better. Once it got a little longer, I would just try to put my hair up somehow or go into a protective style until the next trim, so my horrible ends wouldn't be making my hair look dry and frazzled.

I'm not afraid to trim my hair as needed, and I never do huge trims, just a dusting of hardly even a quarter inch at times, usually anywhere from every 2 - 4 months. Though I may retain an inch or two less a year than other girls, I have healthy ends which makes detangling easier and prevents further splitting, not to mention my ends aren't thin and stringy as I reach my goals. As my hair gets longer and I can wear styles like buns that keep my ends protected, I'm sure I will need to trim my hair less. 

Lesson learned: Keep your ends healthy. Keeping split ends and single strand knots at bay keeps the problem from exacerbating any further, and your styles will also look, and hold better.

Do you feel like having fresh ends makes your TWA styling look better? How often do you trim your TWA?

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