Monday, October 1, 2012

In-be-TWA-ers! I Need Your Help!

So it has come to my attention that I'm not really allowed to claim the TWA title anymore because my hair is getting too long for that (thought it's still damned short to me) ... It feels like my hair is in High School... (punchline) It doesn't fit in anywhere! lol

I'm sure anyone who's grown from a TWA to long hair understands... Where do we fit in when we get to the in between a TWA and Long hair stage? If your hair is shoulder length stretched but still shrinks above your ears naturally, are you or are you not considered a TWA anymore? It's all too confusing!!!
As a blogger, I don't want to miss-label my posts or mislead anyone and I want to make sure I'm reppin' for the right crowd...

So how should I label my posts with my current hair length?
In-Be-TWA-ers? (sounds like French, lol)  A term I kind of coined... should I stick with it or should we come up with a new title? I need some help!!!

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