Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Layla and her TWA

 Meet Layla. 
She is one of my new friends and clients I met earlier in the summer, and we are on a hair journey! Layla was recently adopted from the Congo, and since her mom doesn't have the same hair texture as her, needed someone like me to help with teaching her how to care for the hair, and giving her fun hairstyles along the way! 
When Layla was in school in Congo, they would give her short haircuts, so when she came to the US, she decided she wanted to grow her hair out. She has an auntie who I know hot combs her hair (and I don't think she's been using heat protector -_-), and gives her extension braids from time to time, which I know she had complained were too tight. 

Layla is 8 and is also into doing her own hair (which is why her hair is uneven because she gave herself a haircut because she thought it was uneven, lol), so I also try my best to educate her on her natural hair and will do so along the way. Her hair is beautiful, silky, soft, and tightly curled and I love that she already has her own sense of pride in her hair... not to mention she knows exactly what styles she wants too... telling me to brush down her baby hairs and all, lol.
The photo of her in the pink tank top was the first time I did her hair, and the purple tank top was the growth result ... I forgot to take a photo of her hair out before I started, and then I forgot to take a photo of her hair after I braided it up the second time. In the beginning her hair was too short for anything but straight braids, and now her hair can actually have designed braids. 
From now on, no more forgetting as I will be documenting her little journey, and might I add, it's growing fast! This is the style I gave her on Sunday evening:

Next braid day I will fill you all in on our little routine, growth photos and whatever new hairstyle she chooses :)

Any of you helping a little one grow out his/her TWA?


  1. @ Ang- Isn't she just ? :) I'll send a thank you along from her :D


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