Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 Strand In-Be-TWA Twists

About 3 weeks ago I decided to play around with twisting my hair... didn't really like the outcome since my hair is so fine and I was looking very scalpy... so to get something out of the time I wasted (lol), I decided I was going to put them up somehow... and this is the how:

I did these twists on hair that was stretched from a rollerset and only wore them for two days (It was in a low side bun in the back). I will say I'm really happy I took the twists out so soon, because I was actually having a lot of trouble taking them down. With my dry ends snagging at each other, had I left them in I might have suffered from a set back!!
:::wipes sweat from brow:::
I wish my hair was fuller because I would definitely rock twists more often, not to mention i'd love to just wear them down... but I guess we'll see as time, fullness, and length progesses :)

 My mom used to do box braids or twists on my hair all the time when I was a little kid, and apparently I had the same scalpy, fine twist/braid problem. She always did my hair wet, so I always had major shrinkage, as I do remember being the girl in class with the "boingy hair," but I never retained any length really so apparently my hair wasn't in it's best health.
That still doesn't take away from the true nature of my hair, very fine and not at all dense. Until my hair gets much longer and hopefully fuller, I don't think single braids and twists are going to work for me. At least when my hair gets longer I can do big twists on wet hair so they can be really puffy and look fuller, without being shrunken to my ears or making me look like I'm balding. lol

Twists, ladies and Gents? Do they work well for you?
We would also love to start a throwback thursday segment so


  1. Have you tried micro-twist? My girlfriend has thin hair and micro-twist look fuller on her.

  2. @ Ang- I think i would try them when I have virgin hair again because this color I have makes my ends a little more snaggly than usual, and if I already had issues getting those bigger ones out, I cant imagine with micro twists... nor do i have the patience right now for the put up or take down, lol.


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