Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Last Straightening Before Summer Concluded

Here is what my hair looks like straightened after being unwrapped, without having any real bump to it. These pictures may be kind of horrible, but they've been great with helping me track my progress.

As you can probably see, my left side is my faster growing side, and my right side is my fuller growing side, so my hair is a little asymmetrical but I'm okay with that for now. I've been growing out my layers a little before focusing on length, trimming more in the back and less in the front or I would have definitely had an afro mullet by now -___- Not happening. Seeing as how I "big chopped" twice, I would definitely say my goals were readjusted from growing length first, to shaping my hair first. I'm really looking forward to this summer coming and the length I can retain, since last year I dealt with a setback and basically had no summer retention, plus needed to trim a good 1/2 inch of split ends. This year I'm really on my game so nothing of the sort will be happening under my watch. I'm definitely looking forward to those 2 inches I should gain from now until September.
I've gauged that my hair doesn't grow that fast, and I think it definitely misses Hairfinity. I can't lie, I feel like my hair was growing like weeds when I used to take these vitamins religiously back in 2010... My birthday is coming up, I think I'm about to make myself an order...
I've been fully natural for the past 2 years now, so I have more than enough mistakes and set backs to have taught me a thing or two so I can now avoid those issues. I know certain things are unavoidable (Yeah, I mean You SSK's! #ikillyou! You too split ends!) but I'm so happy I've learned different techniques and theories to keep these issues at bay. Aside from any setbacks, I'm also really happy just to have learned my hair, what it likes and needs, the fact that I have like 7 different textures and all of my beautiful hair is in a mohawked section on my head, and my sides and edges will be the death of me. The fact that my hair doesn't seem to grow the average 1/2 inch a month but instead a little slower. Understanding is a beautiful thing.

Looking back at the different goals I've set and readjusted on this blog over time, I wasn't doing too bad with staying on track until my setback last summer. With a quick goal readjustment, I'm hoping to claim full shoulder length by the end of the summer, Collarbone length even, and full arm pit length by Valentine's Day 2013. By this point, hopefully most of my layers will be grown out, so all of my hair can reach these lengths, not just a tail in the back. My hair is really fine, so it also adds to the reason why I don't want too many layers, I want my hair to look as full as possible. My goal is actually to achieve all one length (with probably just like an inch of layering from the bottom for shape), full, hip length hair that is full all the way down to the ends. It might sound crazy, but since I'll be wearing my hair curly 97% of the time, it'll probably still be shrinking up to shoulder length in Wash n Gos if I let it... Plus with my short torso, hip length is jsut about 20-22 inches of hair on me... 6 down, 16 more inches to go! lol

And lastly, I will say I'm uber excited to see my ponytail, as with relaxed hair I never had a ponytail even half as full as it is now (sad. I know). The even better thing  about that is, my hair still has a lot of growing to do so my ponytail will be even fuller soon! =D

I can't wait to see what my hair will look like straightened come September!!! Who out there is Growing with me?! 


  1. i love the highlight and justin bieber style :) did you get it done professionally?

  2. Wow you are talking about growing your hair and I am talking about cutting all of mine off. My hair grows so freaking fast. Good luck with your journey, I hope you reach your goals!

  3. Aawww SP your hair is looking so healthy and cute! It's been so encouraging to see your journey inspite of the set backs, and it looks as though you're well on the way to reaching those hair goals. My hair is a similar texture to yours so it gives me hope! Sending love to you and Curly FC from the UK!

  4. @curious kinks lol @ Justin Beiber style... my hair had just been unwrapped so it was still in that wrapped shape.
    I am a professional hairstylist by the way and I did my hair myself... if you look about 2 weeks ago into the posts, you will see the post where I posted pics of me doing it myself...Thanks!

    @Judy Thanks so much, I have no doubt I'll reach my goals... I just hope it doesn't take forever! Gimme that fast growth if you dont want it! lol... What are your goals anyway? Are you growing for length or just to go natural? If you're sticking with a TWA I dont blame you... I loved mine, just not what i wanted..

    @Charlene Thanks so much thats awesome! I was telling Judy ^ before that it feels so great to be an inspiration because I'm still looking to sooo many others for inspiration. We love the love and hope we're reciprocating it right back!


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