Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Length Checks, Goals and understanding Growth

 Since i had not posted anything in a while, i guess you could consider these back-posts... 

So i took these length checks on December 9th, the day after i Henna'ed my hair. Being that i chopped my hair on October 16th, i am going to start doing length checks every other month on the 16th to monitor my growth, as i would like to see how much growth i get every 2 months. At the rate my hair is growing i would assume i do get an inch a month, or at least some where close to it, although i do notice that my tighter, finer, coarser textures seem to grow a little bit slower. 

Even though these pics are from the 9th they are my December pics so expect another set of length check pics sometime around February 16th, hopefully i will gain another inch!!!

In terms of hair goals, I of course had to rearrange my hair goals since the chop but my hair is really flourishing for the first time and i see no reason why it won't grow to the lengths of my dreams, lol.   
That being said, in all of the growing i did last year, without trimming i would have definitely been at shoulder length at least by now, so i know i can accomplish that in another year. I am aiming for Full Neck Length by my birthday, June 15th and i have no intentions on trimming before May, besides                     
snipping away at any SSK's, which i have been able to keep to a minimum with monthly Henna'ing and low manipulation styles. I used to love wearing my natural hair pulled back into a banana clip so that will be my birthday goal :)


  1. Thanks :) You know im tryna catch up! lol See ya there next yr =D

  2. sorry for the late reply but thanks Rhonda! :)


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