Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Winter Wash n Go

This routine is basically what I've been doing to my hair that was left out during my weave and I realized that it may be great to try out as another styling option to add into my regimen.

  • Co-wash hair with conditioner of choice, detangle and throw hair into a few big detangled twists. Rinse and leave naked hair in twists
  • Let air dry a bit (The bit for me is usually the duration of my shower, moisturizing my skin, getting dressed, then getting ready to do my hair)
Once 40% - 50% dry, start this process one twisted section at a time:

  • First moisturize the hair - I used Care Free Curl Instant moisturizer and Suave coconut condish
  • Smooth Curls with Eco- Styler Olive Oil gel
  • Let air dry or diffuse (+ add heat protector with this step)
  • Once curls are dry, smooth out any crunch with your favorite oil, being careful not to overmanipulate the hair and cause breakge during the process. *My personal fave oil is JBCO because it's super moisturizing and keeps my hair sooo soft, especially in the winter!
  • Without disturbing or further separating any curls, grab and separate the hair with your hands alone, and do your favorite twist out pattern.
  • Bonnet/Scarf and Sleep... Untwist the next day to reveal a stretched, curly, winter wash and go look! 
  • Spritz with a little water, add a little more moisturizer if needed, fluff, and go!
  • Retwist with oil every night to maintain stretch, definition and softness. Keeping the hair stretched will also avoid excessive tangling.

What do you think about this Winter Wash n Go method? Would you try it?!

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