Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hair Adventures: From Curly to Straight (in the Summer?)

I posted my summer routine last week, and I meant to show what my hair looks like on day 1. This was my hair last Friday:


I used my water/oil/gel combination to define my curls/coils and used a banana clip to hold it back. I'm not sure if you can see it clearly but if you can, you'll notice the variety of curls I have which range from tightly coiled to tightly curled, to wavy-coiled - at least that's how I describe it. I'm not much into the hair-typing system *shrugs* I actually really liked my hair, I think it's one of the best "wash n gos" I've done thus far. I was at my dress fitting and the tailor, a Dominican woman, admired my curls telling my friend and I that "her hair goes just like that" and my friend kept telling me how much she wanted to play in it.

Anyway, over the weekend I decided to straighten my hair. I know, pointless for the summer right? Well at first I was in the beauty supply store for something, and then I ended up purchasing two products that promise to be anti-frizz and "smooth" your hair: Lacio Lacio Leave in Conditioner and John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Cream - and I decided I was going to blow my hair out.

Saturday night fro
I must say, Lacio Lacio is awesome. It's a Dominican product I've heard of a while back, and when I spotted I decided to try it myself. I don't know if my blow-drying (which I RARELY do) was great or if it really was just that easy to blow dry and have moisturized and soft hair - it didn't take me long at all! And because I was bored and curious I decided to flatiron my hair, which turned out surprisingly very good. I just needed one pass of the iron, using the comb-chase method and my hair was straight. I didn't focus on my roots because I don't want to burn myself and I sweat in my head anyway. My hair was pretty straight, shiny and moisturized, and pretty much stayed put in the heat and I've been out and about! Today it looks a bit more poofy but it's still soft and smooth.

My hair today
I've also taken the opportunity to dust my ends. For the holiday tomorrow it's supposed to be scorching hot, and with all the sweating I do in my head (and the desire to wash my hair) I will most likely go back to curly. After that, I'm going to stick to more stretched styles like bantu-knot outs because I need to minimize the knots I had so much of. That's all for now!


  1. it looks like the products did a good job! Question- what kind of flat iron did you use?


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