Monday, August 15, 2011

Twist-out Results and 2nd Day Hair

I woke yesterday morning and my hair was still damp so i sat under the dryer for probably another 45 minutes as I drank my coffee and watched Ninja Warrior.  Finally when I felt my hair was dry (and it was still actually a little damp) i went to my go to coconut oil for the take down. I took my time, as taking down the 3-strand twist was a little different than taking down a 2-strand twist, but all in all i loved the results! It came out super shiny and defined and I can see i will definitely continue to try new twist and braid out styles while i have this weave. It just makes me so exticed to think of what a twist out on my own hair will look like when i achieve this length. The weave was purchased at 14 inches and has been trimmed to about 12 inches with layers .

To achieve second day hair, i simply added a little Eco Styler gel and put a cornrow in the front, 3-strand twisting the rest of the hanging hair. I then pineappled the hair in the back and put on my bonnest and went to sleep, these are the results:
Not too shabby right? Although it looks natural, as I work in a salon and most people are confused and can't tell where my hair is, i still think i can work on making it look a little more natural so this will be a part of my goal with these braid outs and twist outs.

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