Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 steps to TWA Bob-ery!

SO.... My hair is looking more and more like a bob now... yay!
This Bob style was actually discovered accidentally so these are the steps i took, and will continue to use to re-create this look as my hair grows:

1. Wash hair, add leave in conditioner and gel and smooth hair back into 2 buns for drying and stretching.
I did my buns in the morning before going to work so i wore them for the entire day, about 12-14 hours. When i returned home my hair was still not dry in the middle, which led to the next step...
2. Once buns are mostly dry or dry, take them out, add a favorite moisturizer (I used coconut oil), and without disturbing the smoothness of the front of your hair, separate each ponytail in half and band all the way down so you end up with 4 banded ponys, put a bonnet or scarf to tie them down and go to sleep!
I like to band my pony's to already face in a downward motion so my hair will want to hang instead of stick up...
3. In the morning, take out your banded pony's and fluff and separate your curls with a favorite oil or serum for minimal frizz. 
If you want the front to stay flat like i did, do not disturb it, simply add some moisture for shine and fluff only in the back, lifting with a pic at the roots if desired.

Seem simple enough?! I can't wait to continue to try this as my hair gets longer and longer!

Would you try this on your twa or long natural hair?


  1. so creative! i loved my mom when i had one, so i really like this! can't wait to try it!

  2. Wow your hair has really grown!!!!! =)

  3. Thanks ladies!
    @ Melyssa - Can't wait to see what it looks like when you try it! I tried again but it didn't come out as good because it had less time to dry so it shrunk up :/

    @ Shika - Thanks! Thats all i wanna hear! lol

    @ Mikimu - Thanks, i love bright rinses! They;'re good for the hair too


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