Saturday, August 13, 2011

Experiments in Curlyweaveland + Video Questions

On Wednesday evening I washed my hair, detangled it, and did 2 cornrows in the front to help blend my hair with the weave hair. I let the back air dry a little and then pineappled it, put my bonnet on and went to bed. It didn't dry by morning time so I left the braids in and went to work. Luckily I thought about it possibly not drying from the night before so I tried to braid the braids in a way that would look okay to wear out of the house, so i wore my dream catcher feather earrings and kind of went with a native look. I should have taken a full length picture because my outfit was nice that day but it gets so busy that sometimes i forget. Either way, I took a picture of my hair at the end of the day and this was the outcome. I got a lot of compliments and little did they know it was supposed to be a braid out, lol. I finally did the braid out yesterday but I didn't get to take a picture because my cousin kinda ruined it by running her fingers through it :( It's okay though :) It led me to want to try to twist out my whole head so I'm trying a twist and curl of sorts tonight...  I had been wearing my hair they way it was in the photos in my last post, two flat twists rolled back, and I really wanted to try wearing it all out.
I did 5 on the scalp flat 2 strand twists using Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, but when I twisted down to the end of my head, I twisted the remainder of the hanging hair as a 3 strand twist, then 2 strand twisted the very ends and wrapped them on perm rods. I've never done a 3 strand twist out on myself before because this seems like it's probably easier done on hair that has a bit of length, so this weave enables me to try it. I sat under the dryer for about 30 minutes and plan to let it air dry while i sleep for like another 10 hours so i hope it's dry by the time i have to go to work tomorrow. I'm going to try to get up a little earlier in case I need to sit under the dryer for a little while, so I'll see the outcome in the morning. I'm excited  because I'm feeling like this is going to come out really beautifully so i'll be sure to snap a few flicks!
If I like the outcome I would be open to doing a tutorial and later trying it on my own hair!

I also had a question: Are there any things you all would like for me to do a video on specifically? Any style you had in mind and are wondering how to execute on your TWA or longer hair? I'm looking for some creative ideas of what people would like to learn how to do! Leave your comments, I can't wait to hear em'!


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