Monday, August 1, 2011

Hair Lately....

So here's a little update on what's been going on with her majesty:
A month ago, i learned i can fit her into 2 pigtails/buns; I'd definitely call that a new milestone!
 A blowout from 2 weeks ago pulled back with a headband
Fresh out the shower and then twisted out the next day (Her majesty was 2-strand flat twisted into 4 big twists with a little conditioner left in and Olive Oil Eco-Styler Gel)
A wash and go with Eco Styler Gel and the roots blown out after it dried.

 So these styles are basically all that has been going on with my hair for like the past 2 months because i've been too busy to do anything else really and i've still been at awkward lengths. My hair feels like it's jjuuuussstttt about to be out of TWA land... i can't wait!!! I plan to do a weave on myself this weekend because i'm getting my first paycheck!!! I've been wanting to do this weave FOREVER but with a lack of time, money, and length, I had to wait a while. It's a weave i've done on myself a few times before so i know i love it, only thing is i've done it when my hair was relaxed so it'll be fun to see how doing twist outs and sets to blend my hair will go. Here's the weave when i did it before I went to Brazil back  in 2008:

So excited!!!

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