Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ponytails: From Broccoli Bands to Coated Bands

Last night I was preparing my dinner (curry vegetables with garbanzo beans and rice, because you asked) and as I unwrapped a package of fresh broccoli, I took note of the blue rubber band the stalks were held by.

I suddenly remembered that I used to use the rubber bands to put my hair in a pony tail back in the day! I know it's because I always had so much hair, but could never find a suitable ponytail holder that held it all back. Rubber-bands are generally not a good idea because they will rip out your hair. Trust me on this one.

Now I've moved on to banana clips and coated ponytail holders, which don't stress my hair as much or pull it out--for the most part. I really love these satin covered ones I got a while ago but I can't remember where I bought them and am running low.

So today, I have my hair in a ponytail. It seems I've come a long way from stealing bands from produce.

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  1. I remember those high school days with all of your box braids in brocolli rubber bands! I used to think they were cool, lol


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