Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Statements Naturals Are (Probably) Tired of Hearing

I know I don't speak for all naturals, but I'm really sick and tired of the statements people are making about natural hair. Some of the things people said have me wondering if it's offensive or not; then I get annoyed as to why it's such a statement to just embrace what you have growing from your scalp.

Here's some of what I'm tired of hearing:

--Being told we need to comb our hair.
--Asked when we're going to get it relaxed/straighten
--That only people with "Indian in their family" (like myself, ahem) or mixed can wear their hair natural
--Natural hair can't grow long
--Naturals can't wash their hair
--Natural hair is unprofessional
--Naturals think they are better then those who relax
--"Why are you wearing your hair like that?"

--what the HECK are people talking about?

I have very snarky responses to most of those statements, but at the risk of sounding like an angry colored woman I usually just raise my eyebrow and keep it moving. I'm starting to realize that some people are set in their thinking and trying to change them is pointless. As a kid, I used to get mad whenever I felt people were being unjust or mean and I would demand that they change. My mother told me early on that trying to change someone is wasted energy. So I don't! If people want to learn about something they will open their minds to it at least, and for those who don't well--why spend your energies arguing with them? You simply existing as  you are is enough of a statement, in my opinion.

So, do I need to comb my hair? Yup. When am I going to relax? Never. Straighten? Maybe in a month or so. Yes, I am a proud "Black Indian" and it doesn't make my hair nicer. My hair is APL (arm-pit length) and I wash it every week, sometimes twice. I have a job at an office  and wear my hair like in big poofy ponytails like this:

No, I don't think I'm better then those who relax. I don't spend my days worrying about someone else's touch-up. And quite frankly my hair and appearance=my business. I'm not putting anyone at risk am I? I promise I don't stand in the middle of the street blocking traffic with an updo ^__^

So naturals, what are some other statements/questions you are sick and tired of hearing? It's therapy time, vent it out!


  1. YES!! This post is right on point!

  2. Your beautiful natural hair is looser than mine. So if you get those type of comments, then I am doomed to never wear my hair natural. Unless we go back to the 1960's - because right now, overcurly hair is just not socially acceptable. It is sad, but if you have to go to court or lead a corporate presentation - I would not risk wearing my hair in a natural state. The public including our own Black people really break your spirit if your natural hair is not "pretty and perfect." Type 3 curl patterns are borderline as far as the "pretty factor." Type 4 curl patterns almost have to lock their hair to be somewhat accepted. I personally got tired of fighting the public perception of "nappy" hair, and I do texturize some. However, in high humidity, I get frizz. Lord knows I feel that I can not win sometimes. I do feel that from a political standpoint - I am dependent on relaxers before I wear a lock style. Thanks for allowing me to vent! Continue to stay strong. Your curls are beautiful!


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