Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TWA Glam/Rock Fro-Hawk

 So since I'm working in a salon now and my hair has gotten a little longer, making it a little easier for styling (at times), I've been trying to do my best with switching it up and trying new styles, on top of trying to dress stylish in all black everyday, which for me is like uhg. I'm a colorful person so dressing in black feels very limiting, so I've just tried to buy what i would normally wear in color, in black... and then just accessorize the hell out myself and beat my face a little more than usual.
This Mohawk is the result of a 2 day old twist out that was done with 3 large flat two strand twists and slept with a bonnet. I originally twisted my hair with Aveda's Humectant Pomade and Eco Styler Olive Oil gel on freshly washed, damp hair, and then slept on to dry. It didn't dry completely in the morning so i lightly blowdried the twists before taking them out, then untwisted with *A NEW PRODUCT!!!* I'm not even going to mention it in this post... it needs it's own post! Anyhoo.....  So after sleeping on my twist out i decided to do something with it because the sides of my hair weren't looking cute at all. I fluffed my hair out into a little afro to wear to work, and when i got there decided to try a doing a full faux-hawk since i haven't done that with my natural hair in years.... as a matter of fact, the last time i did a full faux-hawk with my hair, it was texturized and i had just turned 18... no really... That was my 18th birthday... lol
While at work i used Aveda's Flax Seed Aloe Gel to smooth the sides upward in mohawk-ery fashion, and then started adding booby pins, with the short side down from the back/ bottom of my head, to the front hairline, interlocking them while pushing them in. This helps to keep the pins and your hair style nice and tight; I used about 12-14 pins for this hairstyle, 6-7 on each side. Once i got my mohawk up and in place, i then tugged the hair in the mohawk in different spots to get it to hang the way i wanted. For my little curls in the front, as a last step I smoothed a few choice curls with Aveda's Be Curly Curl Enhancer, and Eureka! Glam Rock Fro-Hawk!

And oh yeah... I guess i should mention that i rinsed my hair again =) This time i used some cheap brand from the BSS called Adore in Violet Gem... Loving it!

What new styles have you tried or bought back from the past?


  1. it looks FAB! i can't wait til i can get a frohawk right. pinning it is actually a bit more difficult than i expected, lol

  2. @ Melyssa - Thanks! Just keep trying it and interlock those pins... might start to get easier for ya
    @CurlyFilmChick - finally. lol it growing so slow this year :(


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