Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flatironed Natural TWA

 Step 1. Co-washed and  Finger Detangled using HEHH
 Step 2. Applied Vatika coconut oil, CHI 44 Iron Guard Heat   protector spray, and CHI Silk Infusion
 Step 3. Sectioned and Blowdryed
Step 4. Added more CHI Silk Infusion and Flatironed
Step 5. Silk wrapped
Step 6. Trimmed
There is nothing wrong with a natural girl wanting to rock the straight look every once in a while, but if your ends are bent out of shape, it's gonna show. In my opinion, if i'm gonna wear straight hair, i dont want afro ends taking away from the silky flatironed look. Afro Ends? Just me referring to the way split ends look on straight natural hair. I silkwrapped my hair (wrapping the hair and then wrapping taughtly with Saran wrap) and sat under the dryer for about 10 minutes to see if i could get my ends to straighten out a little more... i wanted to make sure that i wouldnt be trimming too much. My hair grew quite a bit since my second chop and i do love the shape it's growing into.

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 I trimmed and my hair felt so much better, i stopped getting the crunchy snagging and snapping at the ends, and my hair fell so much better and smoother. This is how i will be wearing it (the mohawk style) as this is how i used to wear my hair when i was relaxed. It's still one of my favorite styles and it works perfectly with this length of hair i have, not to mention that it's one of the main reasons why i flatironed. At first i was going to wait until my hair got longer but then i decided i might as well get to wear my hair short and straight again, since i don't plan on having short hair after this for a long time.

  Straightening my hair has also helped me to put my hair goals into perspective in terms of length and how often i trim. I think it's realistic to say that i will reach Full neck length by my birthday in June and full Shoulder length by the end of the summer... and hopefully be APL or at least brushing it by New Years 2012! (hey, a girl's gotta dream right? lol)
I also think i should try Henna'ing more often to keep my hair and especially my ends strong and try trimming every 4 months... so 3 times a year.

I put my hair into a ponytail using the gator clip to see what a little pony would look like on me right now, lol. Funny thing is, the main reason i started growing my hair out is because i wanted a ponytail... so here's my start on ponytail growth pics i guess... lol.... dont laugh at me!

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