Saturday, February 12, 2011

TWA Twist-out Fro-hawk

So i tried a new product which i will  review later called Noodle Head Curling Creme. Whenever i buy a new styling product i am always anxious to try it out, so of course i went for the trusty twist-out and decided to frohawk it because i didnt like the way the sides were hanging.

I loved the outcome and so did everyone else! It could have lasted me a few days but the little girls i babysit were loving it too so their little hands were in it and made it frizzy :( oh well.. lol


  1. your hair is totally getting longer wow. love the look of the hair and make-up

  2. aww thanks so much, im actuallly glad to hear that cuz i felt stagnant.. especially after trimming but im happy to be reassured :) Time to go back into protective styling!

  3. Your hair looks nice and shiny!

  4. Thanks! A little coconut oil goes a long way! :)


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