Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing with puffs while pre-pooing!

I decided to pre-poo my hair today with some Alma oil, so i added a little water mixed with conditoner and proceedeed to apply the oil to my hair. I loved the way my hair was looking and feeling so shiny and silky, and took this as a perfect moment for some play time for me and my hair!
*TWA ladies! When you have extra time on your wash days, that may be the perfect time to play with your hair and do a little experimenting! Conditioners, oils, and creams make the hair soft and easily pliable for play time.
Okay, confession: I REALLY want Thugnificent Afro puffs! You know, these:
Lol, dont laugh at me! His puffs are awesome!!! So anyways, i started to see if my hair could make into two and i got this:
Pretty cute right! I don't care if it looks like a baby hairstyle, i might just rock those little puffs! I decided to try bigger puffs, and got this!!!:
I loved the way the 2 puffs came out so i actually plan to do a twist out just to try doing 2 puffs soon! 
More pics under the jump of my little puffs and me just having fun takin pics in my sunglasses since i still had the "just woke up" face, lol.

What do you wanna try with your next hair playtime?


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