Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Straightened and Styled

I decided to style my hair today but instead of doing the Mohawk i decided to style my hair the way i was wearing it before i decided to go natural and start transitioning in weaves. Since people seem to like celebrity comparisons, as I change my hair a lot and some one always has their idea of who they felt like i copied, i would say it's something like the Halle Berry Boomerang cut, but a little longer in the back and on the sides.
I  made a video of me flat ironing/styling my hair so as soon as i get it edited i will post it up :) In the meantime, here go some pics of the outcome. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with how straight my hair got and how easily it styled. Not that i didn't think it would get straight, but it just looks so perfect! lol Anyhooo... On to the pics... lol
 More pics under the jump =D

I love it!!!


  1. you look like ur mommy here =) love it!

  2. Thanks everyone!
    @ CFC.. i totally see that with the really full dark hair :)


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