Sunday, February 6, 2011

Allow Us To Re-Introduce

We see you new followers! Thanks for joining the blog, and of course major shout outs to those who have been hanging with us for a bit. Want to know why named our blog Your Africa is Showing! Check the about this blog for the story...

For those who are lurking/new to the blog, we (as in SP Styles and Curly Film Chick) are two natural 20-somethings based in New York City. SP Styles rocks a TWA and is also an actual hair stylist who loves all things hair, fashion, and make-up. She's all over the YAIS youtube channel with her helpful tips for the newly natural folks. Curly Film Chick has lots o' hair and is learning how to style and retain the length of hair. She's been natural her whole life but is just now getting the hang of her tresses and embracing it and is learning to balance her life--health wise--in conjunction with natural hair. For more info on us, click the above tabs with our names.

Expect to see posts not only about natural hair, but on our interests and lifestyles for the 20-something urbanistas. Have any questions/comments/concerns? email us at Follow us on twitter at YAISnyc!

Feel free to introduce yourselves to us in the comments (especially you lurkers!) and link us up to your blogs/fokti if you have any!

Happy Reading!

*SP Styles & Curly Film Chick*

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