Saturday, February 12, 2011

TWA Trial and Error

Hello TWA ladies and gentle-guys!
I've been thinking about everything TWA while sort of obsessing about growing my hair out...
Looking back at all the mistakes I've made and regrets I have, I'm here to tell you ladies to save yourself the headache!!!  Now if you're rockin' and loving having a TWA and are thinking of or are maintaining a TWA this may not pertain to you, but if you have a TWA and are dreaming of waist-length hair, listen up!

Trial and Error ladies!!! (and gents =)
So yes, as a newly natural, most of the things you do at first will be trial and error because you will be learning a whole new texture, products and procedures. It is totally normal for something to go wrong during these beginning stages, but everything doesn't have to go completely wrong when there is a world of information out there available... well maybe not a world, but we do have our own natural hair world!
My point? Do your research first!!!

Thinking about getting COLOR?
Look for naturals who have also colored their hair. If you want to know the long term effects of color, try finding someone who has been coloring for a while and look at their hair with the color over time. Compare it to their natural (uncolored) hair if you can. Look at the naturals who were colored and then chopped the color off, the colored hair broke off or they decided to grow it out. See what their reasoning's and regimens were and of course take it with a grain of salt because every one's hair is different. This may give you a whole new perspective on color and if you even still want to color your TWA.

Thinking about getting a chemical service?
BKT? Texturizer? Relaxer even? (Color included)
Trust me, I know how hard it is to have a TWA with it sometimes being so boring and having few options. I myself have been tempted by the perm box girl's perfect hair or just walking down the aisle with all the hair dye options... sometimes it's hard to look away but you may just have to tell yourself no!

You don't to touch fire to know that it's hot, and you don't have to put yourself through uneccessary headaches either by making the wrong choices with your hair. Setbacks suck so avoid them :)


  1. Sigh...I'm soo torn because I'm really considering getting a BKT, I kinda miss my straight hair, but I'm not super interested in having straight hair because the length isn't the same as when I was permed. What I really want are more defined curls. Aside from the front of my hair, everything else is pretty much just frizz, sometimes I think I should just wait until it grows more (i am getting some coils in the back with length) but other times I think its just my imagination. I love my hair, but the pressures around me say my hair isn't curly enough, its caving in around me!
    Sigh, I just need to take a moment I suppose and put off indulgence until I hit my year mark.

  2. @Wild June Plums
    SOrry for this uber late reply, as I hadn't seen this response and wish I had... but for anybody wondering...

    I would definitely have waited!!! I have done so much to my hair and I regret most of it. My hair would be sooo much longer had I not cut it again, or colored it again, if I just left my hair alone and let it grow from the first time I chopped it off, I could have been at least Bra Strap length by now! Give it some time, let it be as healthy as possible, and get to know your hair as much as you can before making any decisions. By that time, you'll have much more healthy hair to play with anyway!


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