Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Hair Goals

In thinking about what to do with my hair, I noticed that I'm always learning something new about it. In 2010 I learned that my hair and scalp thrives on being cleansed with high quality, moisturizing shampoos. I also notice that I have to adjust my regimen according to weather changes because my hair and skin react differently. I've also been pretty good with length retention and haven't experienced much breakage. But what I need to really work on in 2011 is taking care of my ends. I'm thinking of growing all this hair of mine to mid-back length simply so that I can rock really long braids ^___^

Since the trim I got when SP straightened my hair,  I've been paying special attention to them as I freakishly check to make sure that my hair isn't drying and breaking--especially because I have colored strands. I know that there will always be some wear and tare to hair but here are some things to keep in mind to minimize/prevent splits and breakage:

- moisture
- low manipulation
- handling my hair gently
- continuing washing my hair in sections
- strengthening treatments (not entirely sure what those will be yet though!)

I had a wash day this past weekend where I used bentonite clay, air dried in braids and then twisted my hair up. I haven't really been in much of a mood to style my hair (which was definitely a win when I was rocking it straight--easy routine) so I just put in some twists all over my head and have been wearing them pulled back in a ponytail like so

I've been spritzing my hair with a homemade mixture of aloe vera juice, conditioner, water and some coconut oil daily and then I keep it moving. With the really busy schedule I've been keeping lately, low maintenance hair has been awesome!

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