Friday, November 16, 2012

It's a Hairflip Friday!

I definitely had a good hair day yesterday, and all of the hair flipping to go along with it!

I just wanted to post some fun happy pictures on this happy friday! I realized, sometimes you just have to whip your hair back and forth, and smile :) 

And just for sh!t$ and giggles, my girlfriends and I used to crack up over this all the time!!! It's a Hairflip!!! You gotta just flip it! lmfao

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Hey, I'm getting warnings when I come to the site about malware. You should check it out. Notice it hasn't stopped me. Love your site.

    1. I actually got the same message once before also.

  2. Chris Crocker used to have me cracking up lol

  3. The information on this topic is much better than one can expect. Nice work

  4. Thank you all for letting me know about the spam message, I will surely check into that :) I hope this has kept you cracking up in the meantime :)


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