Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bashing Justin Timberlake's Curls?

The Article:

Justin's Gone Straight
"Justin Timberlake always had smooth moves, but smooth hair? Not so much. James Feng, stylist at NYC's Cutler/Redken Salon, believes he recently got a Keratin treatment, turning his "unruly and coarse" coif into a "softer, more managable" one. Aha!"

Now of course I had to post this... (this article came out earlier this year, I know i'm late and I dont care!) lol

We are not alone. 
I'm always fascinated by an amazing head of curls, but I'm definitely more fascinated walking by a white person with hair that looks like mine. I assume they go through a lot of the same issues I go through, aside from the fact that they're not looked at as "colored" people. It makes me wonder what walks of life they came from, their outlooks on life, and how their hair makes them view themselves. 

I wonder how JT feels about his hair?

It's possible Justin had just had his hair straightened out for a movie role, or SNL segment, or maybe he did straighten it just for a change... but who's to say he doesn't love his curly hair? 

Personally :::though nobody asked me::: I think JT looks hot with any type of hair, especially with it buzzed down!

Over the years we've seen Justin Timberlake from the Mickey Mouse Club, to N'SYNC, to becoming a Solo artist to becoming an actor, and it seems to me like he's been enjoying, or at least embracing his curly hair. Not to mention, like most curlies, he seems to be well aware of all the hair options he has with his fyne self! lol

I don't know where the stylist, and writer of the article get off using such negative terms to describe JT's hair. The article says "James Feng... believes he got a Keratin treatment," which means he himself did not do JT's hair... how would he know if JT's hair was coarse and unruly? Or how could the writer say his hair isn't smooth? His curls looked pretty smooth, and might I add frizz free to me... Who's to say JT doesn't have soft, silky curls?

I'm sure when JT saw this article, he was like "Really? James F*&%?! How's that for coarse and unruly?!" LMFAO
I'm sure we've all dealt with people just looking at our hair and making negative assumptions without truly having any idea... 

What do you all think of the negative statements made about Justin Timberlake's hair?


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