Monday, November 12, 2012

Switching Up My Posting Focus

Beautiful Artwork by Dawn Okoro
So I've been yelled at enough to know that I don't have a TWA anymore! I won't lie, I've had a TWA for so long, there are a few bittersweet feelings, but oh well! lol

I tried making a title for us awkward length, still feeling and looking like a TWA, but not exactly girls... In-Be-TWA... no one embraced it, so moving on...

So now, I've decided to switch up my focus:

Low Density, Fine Hair

If many of you weren't aware, I have low density, fine hair. Curly Film chick has high density, fine hair.
The density refers to the amount of strands we have per square inch on our heads, and fine describes the width of the individual strands, usually categorized by fine, medium, or coarse being the thickest strand.

Any other low density, fine hair chicas out there will understand the struggle... styling to try to make the hair look fuller, bigger, not too thin or bald looking, lol.  Many people always say it looks like i have a lot of hair, but truth is, I just do my best to make my hair look full.
I constantly am fluffing to the maximum, doing natural hair "comb overs"of sorts to hide any thin areas, and staying away from styles that will have me looking scalpy.

I feel like as I'm searching through protective styles especially, there are always a lot of styles for girls with really dense hair, lots of parts and little braids... those styles don't work for me.

So now that I really am out of TWA waters, I will be catering to us Low Density, fine haired girls especially. Creating styles and techniques from this awkward stage and beyond.

Think: Volume, Big, Up-do's, Textures, Flat Twists, French Braids, Whatever else I can come up with, it's going down! lol

Stay Tuned for the Start of my Low Density, Fine hair posts!!! 
I will be labeling them: LDFH

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